Everything there is to know about a HAIR TATTOO

A hair tattoo is a procedure that has been specially designed for those suffering from hair loss. Known in the industry as scalp micropigmentation, a hair tattoo is the leading hair loss solution worldwide. Many scalp micropigmentation artists will deny the treatment is a hair tattoo due to their numerous differences.

The procedure of traditional tattooing is implanting metal-based ink into the dermal layer of the skin to create an image. Tattoo artists use tattoo machines with clusters of 5 to 17 needles to help with fine detail and shading. With a hair tattoo, the machine is specially designed for this procedure and the needle is incredibly fine. The pigment we use for a hair tattoo is natural and based predominantly of carbon. These differences change everything about the treatments. The machine and needles used for a hair tattoo will ensure ultrafine work and the pigment does not turn blue over time like traditional tattoo ink.

The pigment is only applied one dot at a time. The dots are microdots created to replicate the look of natural hair follicles and give the hair tattoo a completely realistic look. If you are experiencing scalp hair loss of any kind, we are likely able to help you no matter what gender or skin tone you have. So, whether you’re experiencing complete hair loss, diffused thinning, or have scarring from injury or surgery, we can help! Book a consultation at our clinic in Clinton Township, also covering Southfield, for a hair tattoo today! You have nothing to lose but a hairline to gain.

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