Scalp Micropigmentation


For women suffering hair loss can have a devastating effect on their mental health. It is normal to lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day and often without noticing, but if the hair loss becomes more noticeable, you’re shedding clumps of hair, or your hair seems to be visibly thinning then there is definitely something amiss. Hair loss for women is different from hair loss for men as low density is more common than full hair loss. There are many reasons women may suffer from hair loss or low density such as medications, stress, diet deficiencies, major hormonal changes (such as childbirth or menopause), etc. Although some hair loss can be stopped if the hair loss is due to medication or conditions that can be changed, there is not a cure for hair loss.

smp southfield
smp southfield

How Can Joe SMP Help


Low hair density is hard to disguise due to the contrast between the hair and the scalp. Here at Joe SMP we can reduce the contrast by depositing pigment into the scalp in between the existing hairs to camouflage the low density. This makes the hair appear fuller and thicker without having to have invasive treatments or wearing uncomfortable hair pieces. Many people feel self-conscious about their thinning hair, no matter what the cause or reason. With scalp micropigmentation, nobody will know that you’re experiencing hair loss.